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Welcome to Echoes of Rapture

A story about a Robot, Two friends, one girls destiny, and the choice they must all make to decide the future that has yet to be born unto this world within a time that is neverending


Updating again.

So I finally got back into the swing of things with updating this comic.
As you can see a little I guess, my arts improved since then, though I don't draw enough for there to be significant improvements, it's still alot better then how it started and it doesn't take me as long to get a page done.
Regardless, I'll try and get a page done as often as I can and hopefully more people will come to read this comic, as terrible as it is.
Thanks for bothering to read this news post.
Seranatis, 02 Sep 2014 06:01 pm 0 comments

Lack of Comicness

Eh..............I doubt anybody really reads this but I'll update this regardless.
So......Yeah, hasn't updated for awhile right? Sorry abuot that, it isn't like I've planned it this way, Ive just been abit of an epic fail at the moment. Eitherway least I'll say is that there's a new page almost finished and I'll start trying to do atleast a once a week update schedule.
yeah, thats all. Not much of a post sorry.

Seranatis, 24 Apr 2012 02:37 am 0 comments

Forgotten updates

Yeah suppose i should update my news as well as state that now for abit, there'll be a new page eventually, But i'm still in the process of updating/changing the pages with new, better ones, and pages inbetween so yeah.
Which is what I'm doing now...
And I'm going back to~
So yep!
Seranatis, 27 Feb 2012 09:10 am 0 comments

Oh my!

So, throwing out a news post. Anywho~ New page is up. Sorry it took awhile, theres been stuff going on that had slowed me down a little but we're back to normal I should hope and here is the new page.
Continue to check the comic out, you got a profile, fave the damn thing! And keep enjoying it! I'll have a new page up soon.
Have fuuun ;3
Seranatis, 13 Sep 2011 12:44 pm 0 comments

New Layout Design

So, I suspect you can see the new background~
I've created a new banner and background(and buttons that are yet to go up) for the site, to make it look a little more like mine~
Its half decent i think and enjoyable, so, yeah
Fun :3
Seranatis, 06 Sep 2011 02:25 am 0 comments

New Page!!

So for those, who probably haven't noticed in the first place cause it hasn't updated in regards to saying that the website has updated.
Well anyway, the first page, after the chapter page >_>
Has been remade, and uploaded already, its alot better and flows alot nicer I believe. So take a look, and enjoy it :3
Seranatis, 03 Aug 2011 07:51 pm 0 comments


going to be brief, update, flashback pages for awhile now, and thats how it goes!
Been looking at random stuff lately, pulled up the song from the final episode of kore wa zombie desu ka
even if the page was filler, it was enjoyable, song gets released on the 20th!
Check it out~

Naturally the full version will be what becomes available to be bought
Seranatis, 15 Apr 2011 01:21 am 0 comments

Forever and a day for hiatus :|

Jeeeeees i know
my last post was like, 2 months ago :| whats up with that
Anyway, as i uploaded to my deviantart as well, i'll just briefly explain here
had a tablet
new laptop failed with drawing
had to wait fora tablet, 2 months later after getting new laptop
had to try out new tablet, hence first panel is full of fail
i apoligise for J-kun looking deformed, was being a pain
i'm content with how Fate looks atm, she's cute, and happyful, how i wanted her for the time being
Plot thickens? with that folder, amazing o:
only about another 10-11 pages to go till this chapter ends i'd say, and then i'll bring Tenshi back in, and the next chapter
um....not much else
I'm sorry for the update being forever, and the comic being on hiatus for so long, atleast be content with improved art :D and layout style
Seranatis, 13 Feb 2011 11:58 pm 0 comments

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