Oh god, bejesus :x i'm sorry i haven't said anything in pretty much forever. TO clarify, this comic isn't dead lol, its just been a slow time unfortunately, however! I'm working on the latest page right now, which is a double length due to the amount of time thats gone by which i'm really, really, really sorry about.
I don't plan to turn into a vgcats style site with random updates once a month o_O
I know i said i'd try and get a page out once a week and i'm trying but theres been...issues. On one plus-side, i'm getting a new computer in a couple weeks and then a tablet soon after when i have spare money which wil help speed up the process. If it speeds it up fast enough, i might be able to move it to two updates a week.
Anyway, thats how it is so yeah!
Seranatis, October 7th, 2010, 6:33 pm

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