Forever and a day for hiatus :|

Jeeeeees i know
my last post was like, 2 months ago :| whats up with that
Anyway, as i uploaded to my deviantart as well, i'll just briefly explain here
had a tablet
new laptop failed with drawing
had to wait fora tablet, 2 months later after getting new laptop
had to try out new tablet, hence first panel is full of fail
i apoligise for J-kun looking deformed, was being a pain
i'm content with how Fate looks atm, she's cute, and happyful, how i wanted her for the time being
Plot thickens? with that folder, amazing o:
only about another 10-11 pages to go till this chapter ends i'd say, and then i'll bring Tenshi back in, and the next chapter
um....not much else
I'm sorry for the update being forever, and the comic being on hiatus for so long, atleast be content with improved art :D and layout style
Seranatis, February 13th, 2011, 11:58 pm

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